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  • Newspaper Guild Study Finds TV Labor Coverage "Scarce", "Negative"

    Arecent report from the Newspaper Guild examines national TV networks’ coverage of unions and the labor movement over three years and finds that “the media largely ignores labor, except to paint unions as a source of trouble in the American economy.”


    Over three years,  only 141 stories among the four networks that focused on labor - less that 0.3 percent of approximated 16,000 stories broadcast per year.  Find out more on the LaborMail blog!

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  • Pioneer Valley CLC, Prometheus to launch Union Victory Reporting Network

    The average person on the street knows little about labor unions beyond the occasional report of labor battles they may hear about in the news. As a result, the public has a very poor understanding of what unions do on a day-to-day basis to fight and protect workers. This ignorance is a huge problem for unions trying to organize workers or persuade the public on important policy decisions.

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  • Senator Boxer Tears Into the EPA Over West, Texas Explosion

    At a Senate hearing last Thursday, Environment and Public Works Committee Chair Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) grilled the Environmental Protection Agency official in charge of safety at chemical plants. Boxer wanted answers about why the EPA failed to adopt a 2002 recommendation from the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) to adopt stricter safety measures for reactive chemicals such as “ammonium nitrate”—the fertilizer ingredient that fueled the deadly West, Texas explosion in April.

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  • Mixed Reviews on Mailbox App

    Labor leaders often feel overwhelmed by the task of managing their incoming email.  What are the best tools out there for getting control of your inbox?  The highly-touted  Mailbox iOS app has been getting some mixed reviews.

    In a video review posted on YouTube,  Daniel of entirelygeek.com demonstrates the app’s ability to quickly archieve/delete incoming email, or treat incoming email messages as potential “tasks” and letting you assign deadlines by which you need to respond - “turn[ing] your inbox into a really good todo list”.

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  • In Wake of West, Texas Explosion, Safety Advocates Recommend Harsher Fines

    [Note: This article was written by In These Times contributor Mike Elk, the first recipient to benefit from LaborMail's "25% for Labor Journalism" program. The piece was paid for by LaborMail and edited by the In These Times staff.]

    “My happiness was taken away in a matter of seconds,” says Adrianna Martinez of the death of her husband, Orestes Martinez, in a workplace safety accident four years ago. “My family and I are broken.  Losing my husband, my best friend, my love has left an empty space in my heart.”

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  • 6 Reasons Why Your Union Needs Official Email Addresses

    Many unions, especially smaller ones, do not set up official union email addresses with their domain name for their staff or leadership (e.g. your_name@ABCLocal123.com). Instead, they use a personal email addresses or an address given to them by their Internet provider for official union business. Unfortunately, that's not a very good idea. Here's six reasons why your union should set up official union email addresses:

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  • LaborMail: Put Your Mail Where Your Mouth Is

    Journalist Mike Elk with Prometheus' owner, Steve Dondley.

    Quick! Name a unionized email hosting service.

    Stumped, right?

    Well, we have good news for you. Now your union can have its email delivered with servers owned and operated by a union shop. It’s called LaborMail. It’s a service of Prometheus Labor Communications, whose workers are members of UE Local 274. Even company owner, Steve Dondley, is a dues paying member of OPEIU Local 6.

    Now, don’t feel obligated to use LaborMail just because we’re union. We want you to choose us because we can offer you personalized, top-shelf service that’s both affordable and reliable—the kind of service we’ve been delivering to our clients for seven years.

    On top of all that, LaborMail is the only service out there that gives back to the labor movement. A whopping 25% of all the revenue (that’s right, not profit, but total revenue!) we take in through our service goes directly into the pocket of labor journalists to underwrite their work.

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